March 13, 2019


Matthew Collins

Matthew Collins has previously authored ‘Hate’ the bestselling book about his own time in the far right. He is regarded as the go-to person for up to date information on the British far right. He was described at the Old Bailey as the man responsible for running spies and informers inside the British far right- a dangerous and secretive job with the aim of destroying racist and Nazi groups.

A regular contributor to news and print media, Collins has been the focus of two documentaries: Life Etc (2002), and Dead Man Walking (2004).

He doesn’t even have an A Level.

Robbie Mullen

Robbie Mullen saved the lives of two people – an MP and a policewoman. Like some young men in their teens Robbie felt totally let down and ignored by the political system. He was angry and resentful and came to view society as being driven by a special elite to disempower him based on his race and his class.

Touched by tragedy, Mullen looked for answers to the questions that kept him constantly searching for where he belonged and where he would fit in. Still in his early twenties, in 2015 he became very attracted to an idealism that blamed all the world’s ills on people he knew very little about. They wanted to enact a violent revenge on society. That was National Action.

Not like any other far right group in Britain, National Action could at times be sophisticated and daring. Like all other far right groups however,  National Action was obsessed by violence. This obsession became an ideology known as ‘White Jihad’ and among all the secrecy and a government ban on the group, they would eventually use this ideology as a justification for their murderous desires.

In 2017 Mullen realised he was part of a terror group. Banned by the government, shunned by society, National Action was obsessed with terrorism and murder. Mullen wanted out of the group. He came to HOPE not hate looking for a way out and instead found himself spending months more inside a group that came to disgust and terrify him.

Without Robbie Mullen’s intervention, Britain would be a very much darker place today.