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The Story of National Action

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The Story of National Action

Eleven angry white men were lifted from their beds by armed police in the early hours of September 27 2017. Not long afterwards, as Robbie Mullen sat staring at the bare walls of his home, the police went to him too, to warn him his life was under threat.

For National Action, the early days of shiny flags and outrageous statements had become a dystopian vision of Britain at civil war, with Nazi rape gangs and bizarre Satanic rituals. They were ready to kill.

And now we had to hide Robbie, strike a deal for his immunity and get him to the Old Bailey without him or us being murdered or arrested.

Back in Runcorn that autumn day in 2017, the final step of rescuing Robbie was swapping cars under a bridge. He had only a sports bag and the coat on his back for his new life. Our driver, Brenda, puffed hard on a cigarette as he slid into the back and onto the floor.

“I know this fucker,” she said, raising her eyebrows as she exhaled. “He’s gonna get you both killed.”

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